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Our vision is a
world where
people has online
access to their
current body
Our vision is a world where people has online access to their current body status.

We will consumerize health testing.

Today, only a fraction of world's population has access to biomarkers that are vital to their health. We will change this by transforming traditional blood testing into a low-cost, direct-to-consumer lifestyle product available everywhere, giving millions of people convenient digital access to all their important biomarkers.
47% of adults wants to start tracking their most important biomarkers related to their wellness. EU Market Research Report 2016
The mobile health revolution.
The mobile health revolution.


We use apps to track what we eat and how many miles we run. We de-stress with meditation and yoga apps. We look up diseases, symptoms and medications on health education sites and apps on the go. And just as we do on a desktop, we often begin our mobile health engagement with a Google search via the mobile web.
70% of people think using a smartphone to track health is more important than using it for social networking, shopping, listening to music and talking in the phone!. EU Market Research Report 2016
There are 3000 biomarkers in your body. How many do you track?
There are 3000 biomarkers in your body. How many do you track?

About us and our MicroLab Technology.

Bodymarkers was founded in Sweden 2015 with a mission to make information about our inside bodies accessible and affordable to everyone in the world. Bodymarkers MicroLabe technology will not only make the data collection and analyses cheaper and more convenient, but also allowing users to visualise bodymetrics on human dashboards available on smartphones and other mobile devices as well as on the web.

We have developed a unique technology that integrates blood collection, bioanalysis and smartphones in a new way. The technology is based on extremely small blood sample volumes (dried microsamples) integrated with automated and centralized laboratory systems developed specifically for analysing large volumes of dried microsamples, named the MicroLab technology. All screening tests are validated and approved on each market.
63% say they intend to continue to increase mobile health tracking over the next five years. EU Market Research Report 2016
Making good: Free health screenings to teenagers.
Making good: Free health screenings to teenagers.

We intend to make a free health screening available for young people. There is a huge upcoming healthproblem as our young generation is growing up with more overweight and nutritional problems than any previous generation. This will result in more diabetes and other lifestyle related health problems than ever before. As we can offer a simple self-test, we may contribute to education and highlight the importance of how our lifestyles may effect our bodies. We believe that knowledge about the inside workings may create interest that will change the lifestyle of many young people. (Free tests will be introduced during 2017 in selected markets).