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Discover your inside. Bodymarkers is a revolutionary new microlab technology that connects you to your health at the molecular level.

Get screened anytime in 5 minutes or less.

We have made health screenings fast, cheap and accessible to everyone. No more timely visits to the doctor. No more big needles or tubes for blood collection. And it's simple - just get a testkit at a store near you, make a tiny fingerprick, place a few drops of blood on a filterpaper and put it in a return envelope. We'll analyze your biomolecules at our laboratory and upload the result within a few hours to your smartphone. All screenings are validated, takes place under strict medical control and under current regulations.

Your body data online. Always accessible.

Now, you can have online mobile access to your health data. Our health dashboard will show you all historical and progress over time. We have also developed algorithms to analyse all your biomarkers measured. We will warn you if you are deficient or not optimized. Your results are private, secure and confidential.
There are 3000 biomarkers in your body. How many do you track?
There are 3000 biomarkers in your body. How many do you track?
Our vision is a world where people has online access to their current body status.

Top 100 biomarkers in your phone. The ultimate body screening.

Hormones, vitamins, minerals, omega-3/6, bloodfats, sugar. To be launched in 2017.